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Personalized Website,

Collective Agreement Forms for all States and Provinces where available

500 Business Cards with your Website and Phone Number

Support and Consultation from other Blugrams


All online orders and calls go directly to your Service


Additional Cards and Changes are available for $45 per 500

Larger Orders, Retail Posters, Stickers, Magnets, etc. Just Ask

Your Website will go online, Forms  will be emailed and/or online and Business Cards sent by mail

All will arrive in 2-3 business days


Build your Service and help support other Blugrams for even greater potential

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500 Business Cards showing your Website and Phone Number(Optional). Choose Pictures or Simple








Reasons for Blugram


Your the Boss

Set your own hours

Unlimited part time or full time income

Get in early on an emerging industry

Networking and Support

Legalize your grow

Retail pricing

Tax benefits



A Cooperative or Collective Agreement is legal in many States and Provinces. Users of any site, information or materials do so at their own risk. It is your responsibility to confirm the legality of any Cooperative or Collective you may create. Check your Local and State laws. Blugram provides websites and information as a non-profit public service. Blugram does not buy, sell, exchange or manufacture any other products, goods or services.


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